Party and Sex: Best Enjoyed Activities

Party and Sex: Best Enjoyed Activities

Two activities that topped the chart of life's most enjoyable activities are sex and having party. The survey was carried out by a group of researchers from University of Canterbury.

Study researchers said in order to reach at the above given conclusion; they took the help of mobile-phone text-messaging, which in research terminology is known as experience sampling.

Researcher Carsten Grimm said some other activities, which were found to be not that fulfilling as sex and partying was spending time on Facebook as well as sending text messages to friends. Grimm said that he was not expecting at all that sex and partying will top the list and he was quite surprised by that fact.

He used to ask question from three people every day per week. That is how he was able to reach at the above given conclusion. Grimm shared some other features, which people loved doing. Washing, getting dressed and even falling sick and receiving all the attention was some of the other features in the list.

"This means that being able to seek happiness in different ways may enrich your everyday experience and increase your overall well-being", said Grimm, who is going to present his study in series of lectures.

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