Dogs Learn Words through Size

Dogs Learn Words through Size

A recent research has claimed that dogs have a tendency to get connected with words through size instead of shape like in case of toddlers. It is believed by lead researcher Emile van der Zee, a psychologist at the University of Lincoln in England, that this study makes it all the more clear that humans are all the more special when it comes to learning language.

For the research, the team got associated with with Gable, a 5-year-old Border collie, who was very much aware of over 40 words. It was explained how the dog, after seeing a horseshoe-shaped object, named as a "dax", started to identify with objects who had almost similar size as that of the word a "dax".

Though the smell was not taken into consideration, it is believed that it may bring out different results if taken into consideration. Published in the peer-reviewed online journal PLOS ONE, the research is believed to present a clear picture of how to understand how humans learn languages.

"Arguments have been made to refute this claim, but until now there has been no clear empirical evidence to resolve the debate", said Dr. Emile van der Zee, while claiming that the study has managed to unravel a new dimension to the underlying theory about true human word learning.

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