Venezuela President Chavez May Visit Cuba For Treatment

Venezuela President Chavez May Visit Cuba For Treatment

A recent report confirmed that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would be going back to Cuba for treatment. He has been struggling with cancer from the last 18 months, and with his condition getting bad, it was much needed.

It was in June 2011 that he for the first time underwent cancer treatment in Cuba but suffered a relapse in February. Though he recovered after that and managed to win re-election in October, it has been said that he needs to go through hyperbaric treatment. There is not much being spilled out on why he needs the treatment.

In a letter to the National Assembly, he has only requested for some more time to take care of his deteriorating health, though there is no indication if his cancer has returned. "Six months after I had the last session of radiotherapy, I have been advised to begin a new special treatment, with several sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and physiotherapy", says the letter.

There have been many speculations going on as to his cancer had returned during the election campaign, but he has always dismissed them as baseless.

Let's see if the 58-year-old president gets the much-needed time for himself after winning the election once again.

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