Robotic Caterpillar Made by MITians Can Transform into “Anything”

Robotic Caterpillar Made by MITians Can Transform into “Anything”

Quite interesting invention has come up from the Center for Bits and Atoms at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. The engineers at MIT have made a caterpillar like robot that is coded to be able to transform into almost anything.

Called "milli-motein", the robotic caterpillar is made up of four segments of chains linked together. The invention came up as an inspiration from way the natural protein work. Milli-motein is based on what its inventors call "mechanical protein".

The milli-motein is made by Neil Gershenfeld, the Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms along with his fellow engineers Ara Knaian and Kenneth Cheung. It is built up of easy accessible and cheap parts linked up to each other by the links even smaller than one cubic centimeter.

Each link is motorized and is governed by an "electro-permanent" motor, which is made up of two magnets with different magnitudes of strength.

In an interview, Knaian said that it is made with a view to apply it in real world solutions; however, that will take time. "Even in the near term I have the feeling that there must be a killer app even in its current state. I'm just not sure what it is", added Knaian.

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