Stargazing Opportunity Once Again

Stargazing Opportunity Once Again

The second best meteor shower of the year has been predicted tonight and so all the sky watchers are ready for an amazing stargazing once again.

The news is talking about the Geminid shower, which experts have predicted tonight. It is the second peak shower in which gazers can enjoy 50 to 100 meteors an hour. Also, their calculations have predicted no interference of the Moon with the show.

So, go out in night and enjoy the Geminid meteors to your best as you need no equipment to see meteors. But yes, do pray that you get a clear sky to enjoy the scenario as the weather experts have predicted little barriers from the weather that can have clouds pretty likely.

Moreover, the best time to enjoy the meteor show will be from midnight to about 2 a. m., with meteors arriving all the time.

For the information of all, the Geminids are different from other meteor showers most of which occur when Earth cross the orbit of a comet and get encountered with tiny sand-like particles spread along the orbit that further produce heat with their energy and causes a glow in the Earth's atmosphere. But Geminids's orbit traces back to asteroid 3200 Phaethon.

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