US Wood Storks should be upgraded from Endangered to Threatened

US Wood Storks should be upgraded from Endangered to Threatened

After assessing the scientific and commercial information of Wood Storks, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has been thinking to upgrade the status of the US species from Endangered to Threatened.

The changes will be made under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), said the sources known to the matter. It is needed to take steps, as the Wood Stork is the only true species of stork in the United States.

Moreover, it has been seen that a lot of improvements were being witnessed since the species were put into the category of endangered in 1984. It is now expected that if the proposal gets active then further improvements in the total number of wood storks will be witnessed.

"Although some habitat loss continues, current population data clearly indicate that the wood stork is benefiting from the work of private landowners and several strong partnership efforts", said Cindy Dohner, who is the FWS Southeast Regional Director.

If the proposal do gets active then also no change would be witnessed in the protection measures taken under the ESA for wood storks.

Authorities said that though the population of wood storks is rebounding, it's not up to the desired level and for that reason, changes are being proposed.

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