WAIS Melting Faster than Expected

WAIS Melting Faster than Expected

According to recent reports, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is melting faster than expected as the temperature is seeing a two fold increase contrary to the forecasts.

The temperature at the place is rising three times faster than that on average for the world while it is two times that was expected for the region. Since 1958, a 4.3 degree rise in temperature has been recorded at the Byrd Station.

The rate at which this temperature is rising and ice is melting is in fact accelerating. As asserted by Bromwich, this change will cause rise in sea levels more than that suggested by the previous researches. Andrew Monaghan, the study Co-Author and Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) claimed that increase in temperature of the region is highest across the world.

The reason behind the melting ice of the reason as explained by Julien Nicolas, the Ohio State University doctoral Student, is placement of the ice sheets in the region which lie far below the sea level and are in contact with warmer water.

As per the data gathered, 0.3mm is added to the sea level by melting of the ice in the region. It is said it's all the effect of climate change; however, Bromwich affirmed that a deeper investigation is required into phenomenon at the place to find the accurate reason.

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