Experts Did Not Find Alternative Treatments Effective

Experts Did Not Find Alternative Treatments Effective

A number of industries sell their diet plans and products by saying that celebrities have also been following them. But, it seems that 2012 is the year when a number of such inhibitions will get clear.

Experts have been found saying that such health crazes are nothing, but just a junk science. A number of researches have been done in which it has been found that some famous celebrities have turned their backs to such claims of getting fit.

One of the biggest announcements with regard to these fads was made by actor Jennifer Aniston. He said that there is no effect of fasting and cleansing on health and in fact, it is going to harm people.

Former singer Gary Kemp also affirmed about the ineffective treatments of alternative therapies. He affirmed that acupuncture did no good to them, and also suggested that hardcore science should be the priority of a person when dealing with chronic illness.

"We seem to be seeing a celebrity divide on science. The implausible and frankly dangerous claims about how to avoid cancer, improve skin or lose weight are becoming more ridiculous", said Tracey Brown, the Managing Director of Sense about Science.

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