New Robot Boy at your Service

New Robot Boy at your Service

To give a decent and an efficient helper to people, scientists are working upon a new ambitious robotic humanoid helper, which they have planned to attach with artificial muscles enabling it to perfectly help people with all of their everyday tasks.

The project is being worked upon by the engineers at the University of Zurich's Artificial Intelligence Lab, who are hoping to get the best results from their discovery of the 1.2 metre tall Roboy.

According to sources, the new robot will somewhat look like a child, who will be designed to help the sick people and the elderly by acting as a mechanical helper.

The research team has decided to develop radical artificial 'tendons' to enable the robot to help as and when needed, reports the 'Daily Mail'.

Moreover, the research has already signed up 15 project partners and involves more than 40 engineers, who have already started their working over same. Funds for the project will be collected from both the commercial partners as well as the crowd-funding.

"Service robots are machines that are, to a certain extent, able to execute services independently for the convenience of human beings", researchers explained while talking about the new discovery.

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