New Bailout Funds for Medical Negligence Cases

New Bailout Funds for Medical Negligence Cases

It has been recently revealed that the Health Secretary Mr. Andrew Lansley has to spend huge sums in the bailout for the payments to be made for medical negligence cases. The reason for the same is the increasing number of negligence cases by the NHS.

The health secretary has had to create an additional emergency bailout fund of £185million, to suffice the needs of the people. There is also the NHS Litigation Authority given by Mr. Lansley, which would be able to fund the expenses such as legal fee and the compensation claims, from the £18million, till the month of April.

There is an ever increasing trend to the rates of the negligence and death cases in the NHS hospitals. There is need for the staff and authorities to become more careful and alert to make the hospital environment safer for the patients.

“Following a review of claims, we have made additional funds available to the NHS Litigation Authority in order to make sure that those claimants who are entitled to compensation receive it in a timely way”, said Lord Howe, the Health Minister.

There is need for a thorough analysis of the scenario to be done to find out where there is a problem and why there wasn’t enough care taken for making sure the patients are safe. It is essential that the hospital environment is made safer for the patients with each passing day. Human errors need to be minimized. This is because the government is already suffering from a bad phase which is nearing recession. It becomes all the more important for the authorities to take steps towards making the situation safer for patients so that they don’t have to pay huge bailouts later.

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