CDC Names Taco Bell Restaurant behind Salmonella Outbreak

CDC Names Taco Bell Restaurant behind Salmonella Outbreak

Since weeks there has been news about a restaurant being investigated for the spread of the salmonella virus. It has now been revealed that this was in the Mexican ‘Taco Bell’ restaurant chains. It was in October in 2011 that this outbreak occurred. It was seen affecting Texas, and more than 20 people even had to be hospitalized due to the same, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control.

There weren’t any fatalities recorded due to the outbreak, there is need for a thorough investigation to be done in the matter, to find out the source of infection. It was revealed though that the infection seemed to have been on the source before it was brought to the restaurant, so the place was clean before that, the supplier must’ve been at fault, the restaurant claims.

It was further revealed by the group that safety and quality are very essential for the restaurant, and this infection is a result of something gone wrong before entering the restaurant. It was also said that there isn’t a public threat related to the same and that the outbreak was over now.

“The CDC indicated that some of the people who were ill ate at Taco Bell, while others did not. They believe that the problem likely occurred at the supplier level before it was delivered to any restaurant or food outlet”, said a restaurant spokesperson.

It is essential to investigate till the end of the matter, so that a proper explanation can be given about the reason for the onset of the infection. There is need to take care of the safety standards in the future as well, as it shall mean ensuring good health for the people who ate there.

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