Canada Witnesses Demographic Profile Change

Canada Witnesses Demographic Profile Change

Canada is witnessing a lot of change in its demographic profile. Canadians are now living longer and with more diseases. Exact change in their demographic profile would be known in the Statistics Canada report, which is expected to reveal this week.

As per the report, 16 million Canadians are living with at least one chronic condition and some of the common diseases that are found are high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney issues. Health experts said that Canada needs to mend their medicare policies as they think that there are many loopholes in medicare system.

Elderly people are not fully aware of health conditions and they are found knocking the doors of different specialists for one disease. In other cases, doctors do not take an action till it's a high time or until a medical crisis has taken place and in rest of the cases, people are left to stand in the waiting lines of emergency wards.

Last year's released report by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences also talked about some similar things. The report unveiled that not only the treatment is inefficient, but it's also quite costly. People spend a lot of money on home care as well as on hospital readmissions.

Seeing the worsening condition, it was suggested that chronically ill patients should receive specialized care which should take care of patients' throughout their lives. Some of the institutions also acted on the given suggestion. One of the institutions that complied with the given advice is Women's College Hospital in Toronto.

From last year, they have been providing the specialized care services and have treated 590 patients till now. Now, all the things depend on yet to be unveiled report.

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