Diner Breaks Record by Eating the Giant Kidz Breakfast

Diner Breaks Record by Eating the Giant Kidz Breakfast

A British diner astonishingly cleaned off a massive 6,000-calorie breakfast in a matter of mere 26 minutes.

The giant breakfast had long been in news as the makers were running a challenge that it will be provided free of cost to any diner who ends it in less than an hour’s time. However, despite attempts made by a large number of people, the feat was unachieved until Robert Pinto went all the way from 125 miles from his Rutland-based residence with the aim of making a record at the Great Yarmouth, Norfolk-based Jesters Diner.

He was up for the challenge placed in front of him, which weight around weighs 9lb and was jam-packed with fried bread, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs.

While expressing his opinion regarding the unbelievable task he now has the credit of completing under his belt, the astoundingly slim 39 years old said: “When I first saw it, I thought, 'that looks pretty big'. And I didn't know where to start. But I do have a system, I try to use the bread to make little sandwiches filled with the ingredients and that helps it go down better”.

After polishing up the so-called Kidz Breakfast, a name given to it as the massive breakfast weighs equivalent to the average weight of a child, he had a five-mile jog, spent a lot of time in the gym and later went from a swim, all this was meant for keeping his body healthy.

An enormous fry-up named the Kidz Breakfast has now lastly found someone who can dare to swallow it. It is worth mentioning here the breakfast is not provided with coffee or tea, or else it would have been a bit easier for people to wipe it up. On this, the makers claim that they are against coffee or tea as they deem these things are not good for human health.

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