Samsung Brings Bigger Mobile Device

Samsung Brings Bigger Mobile Device

Smart is getting our generation and smarter are becoming their preferences, then who would not want to carry a device that combine the features of both a smartphone and a tablet or an iPad? Briefly, one can say a device that features the finger-controlled interface as is popularized by Apple and also a stylus, both in one device.

Samsung is putting in its best efforts to offer you all the above features in its next upcoming device.

Wait till Sunday, and you can get to see a phone-tablet hybrid with the latest features, all from Samsung. Reports have confirmed that the company will be launching the device only in the U. S. on Sunday. The features attracting consumers mainly include a large 5.3-inch screen (can be used with both stylus as well as your fingers), and great looks. This new device has been given the name “the Galaxy Note”. It will cost the users approximately $300 and will be sold with a two-year AT&T contract.

Samsung has created big curiosity among the consumers. Insisting in its statement that the latest model is only a phone, Samsung said that its attractive features can mistake many people that it’s a small tablet.

Galaxy Note will be running with the purely phone-oriented version of Google's Android operating system, called Gingerbread.

Samsung’s latest design and the bigger 5-inch screen of the note with stylus are making it the hottest topic of discussion these days. Users are expecting easy workings with the bigger screen of the model.

Galaxy Note is being said to be bigger in size as the handset has a 6-inch long and 3-inch wide screen. Samsung has revealed that the handset cannot be fit into a pocket of a jeans or a small purse, rather a handbag must be carried to carry the same.

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