Obama Is Leading

Obama Is Leading

In a recent report, it has been revealed that in the election campaigning, there is more support being rendered to the now president Obama. The other presidential candidate Mr. Mitt Romney has had to suffer a series of setbacks, the recent dog cruelty issue being one of them.

Barrack Obama, on the other hand, currently maintains a lead of 8 points and is doing well in this hypothetical election. The support being given to Obama is by Independents and this has made his ranking improve with due course of time.

Obama is actually hit with people as well. He is one of the most compassionate and righteous Presidents the country has ever seen and this is adding to his credibility for running a further term as the US President.

It was further revealed that Obama currently has a lead in some of the main states of the country and this is also another credit.

"We have a higher percentage of people here who contribute to the big campaigns. So it's all about money. It's all about money and a little press”, revealed Democratic consultant Cathy Allen.

It’s a tough fight that is running equal between the two candidates. Both have proved their worth in the past and it’s like the country is currently divided on whom to opt for in the end. Obama has definitely been a great leader in his term so far, and has led to solving many important matters for the country like the assassination of the world’s no. 1 terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, as well as improving the budget of the nation according to the need of the hour. He works in perfect harmony with the people of the nation and this is what has made him such an instant hit among one and all.

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