In Comes the Next DNA Disruptor

In Comes the Next DNA Disruptor

Recent reports have highlighted that Oxford Nanopore, the high-in-talks sleeper project to gaze at the field of DNA mapping, has just declared two products that may well result in dramatically changing the concept of DNA sequencing full on.

In addition, it has been claimed that a novel DNA sequencing device that can certainly prove efficient in handling a human genome in a matter of 15 minutes, along with a USB thumb drive that acts as DNA sequencing system which can prove highly effective in reading DNA straight from blood without requiring any kind of prep or paper work.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, an expert involved in the process that was conducted by a team of researchers from the Harvard University, George Church, added: “Game changer is an understatement”. Church was part of the team which successfully developed the patents which had been licensed to Oxford Nanopore and proved highly effective in the development of the recent device. Make no wonders, the device can indeed offer great effectiveness in the time to follow. While revealing some additional information, the expert revealed the specification of the device, which includes a tiny gadget pegged at around $900. It is quite efficient in reading DNA of
10,000-letter stretches, as compared to a few hundred for the technologies prevailing at present. It was further added that the device is able to sequence DNA human genome in a matter of mere fifteen minutes, though it was revealed by the researchers that the operator will be needing 20 of the server-size gadgets arriving in the year to follow, not the mere USB stick.

“It sent shock waves through this meeting”, claimed Chad Nusbaum, an expert from the Broad Institute who watched the machine during the AGBT genomics meet in Marco Island.

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