Texas to See Chips for iRobots

Texas to See Chips for iRobots

In what may well turn out to be one of the most recent and promising development in the field of robotic sciences, it has been revealed that Texas Instruments, the leading chip designer, and iRobot Corp., a big fish of the robotic technology-oriented solutions and services, on Monday declared a joint venture aimed at developing robotic technologies by making use of the smart multi-core OMAP platform of the TI.

The relationship is evidently an outcome of the vision which is shared in common by both the corporate and is focused on creating intelligent as well as practical robots which are capable of bringing about an enhancement in the lives of people. The two firms will be reportedly achieving this dream by bringing about a leveraging factor of the long and blossoming history of iRobot in making suitable progress in the robotics segment.

IN addition, they will also be counting on the strength of TI in related technologies as well as in applications processors.

TI has initialized an alliance with the most important applications processor technology of the industry that was earlier captured by the OMAP platform: ultra-power-efficient system-on-chip and a high performing one as well.

The smart multicore architecture of the OMAP platform is capable of sending a variety of processing tasks to engines as well as cores which can further do an all fine duty by making use of the smallest amount of possible power.

TI apparently complements the basic computing knowledge very well indeed with more than a few unique traits, such as those in the likes of sophisticated video accelerators and image that may be needed for the coming generations of special utility robots. It’s still time to see how much success can the joint venture reap in the time to follow, it looks and feels promising indeed.

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