Dinosaur Fossil Younger than Thought

Dinosaur Fossil Younger than Thought

It has been recently revealed in a report that the first ever fossil of a dinosaur, which was discovered in Spain is actually much newer than it was believed to be. The fossil is actually 130 million years old, while the scientists had thought it was much older than that.

It was in the year 1987 that this dinosaur, Aragosaurus ischiaticus was first discovered. It was however difficult for them to determine at that time, how old it really was. Now it has been discovered that the age of the sauropod must’ve been somewhere around 15 million years as well.

According to the revelations made now, the age of the same is being estimated to about 130-136 million. These new estimates were reported in the Geological Magazine journal.

"This is the only dinosaur of this period found in Spain and is also the most intact in Europe. It can be categorized amongst the well-known sauropods of the Jurassic-Cretaceous, the most abundant species during the Barremian age (116 million years ago)”, revealed study author José Ignacio Canudo of the University of Zaragoza.

There is right now need for more research to be done about the origin and the time of existence of these creatures before there can be a proper plan of action developed for conducting even more detailed studies about the same.

It was further added by Canudo that this is the only dinosaur that was found in Spain in this period, and it’s also the most single pieced and intact form of a fossil fond in all Europe as well.

There is need for further research to be done to come to a conclusion about the same in them time to come.

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