Mitt Romney Attacks Obama’s Medicare

Mitt Romney Attacks Obama’s Medicare

In previous presidential elections, Mitt Romney has been seen in poor image as his opponents had alleged him of changing his point of views on critical issues quite rapidly. However, this year, Romney has done far better and has freed himself from the previous allegations.

Recently, Mitt Romney was seen attacking Obama’s Medicare. On Monday, Mitt Romney issued a memo saying that Obama would be putting an end to the Medicare program because of financial tightening. The memo has hit the voters hard and a debate over it has also sparked.

He has promised the voters of bringing significant changes in the Medicare if he wins the election. Mitt Romney has criticized Obama for not establishing a control over the escalating expenditure to the Medicare.

Mitt Romney has proposed of substituting Medicare with voucher system, which would allow the senior citizens to choose between Medicare services and private insurance plans. Moreover, he believes that the voucher system would encourage healthy competition among the health care providers.

Mitt Romney has not only promised to bring changes in the Medicare program but has also promised to bring changes in the current tax plans. He has proposed of cutting the tax rates by almost 20%.

Ambiguity prevails in almost all of the promises made by Mitt Romney. Therefore, voters are also confused whether or not they should go ahead with Mitt Romney. Medicare seems to be a hot topic of debate among the candidates standing for the presidential election.

Today, Mitt Romney has turned 65 but he has not yet availed Medicare program which has been enrolled by millions of senior citizens of America. Mitt Romney has said that he would like to go ahead with his private insurance rather than availing the Medicare program.

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