Christmas Bird Count on Good Numbers

Christmas Bird Count on Good Numbers

The annual bird count, which is organized by the National Audubon Society, has been into picture since 113 years. When talking about this year's count, which has recently begun, it has been strong and interesting, a new report uncovers.

The report finds that more than 3,000 bird counts have been there, which also comprise the Cle Elum Christmas Bird Count in the Upper County. However, it was only 27 individual bird counts initially, which were spread between the Pacific Grove, California and the Northeastern United States.

As per the Society, the trial run had begun in the year 2005. And following the same, Christmas Bird Count is held annually. December 17, bird watchers looked for birds in Upper Kittitas County from Seattle to Wenatchee.

It has been found that they find many such species, which have never been seen before. The Cle Elum Christmas Bird Count is a great spot to count the birds within a 15-mile diameter circle. 69 species have been discovered, though the number of birds has been comparatively low because of cold weather.

It is being said that roads are necessary for the work to go well and if these are not plowed, it becomes tough to carry out the job.

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