Experts Advise Polling but Can it Predict Future Sea Level Rises?

Experts Advise Polling but Can it Predict Future Sea Level Rises?

Somewhat clarifying about the climate science, a scientific poll of experts is suggesting in its recent findings that melting of glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland can become the cause of increase in the global sea levels by more than 3 feet and that too by the end of this century.

The above suspected rise (if happens), the experts fear can force millions of people living in low-lying countries like Bangladesh, swamp atolls in the Pacific Ocean, cause dikes in Holland, and cost coastal mega-cities from New York to Tokyo to shift or spend billions of dollars for the construction of sea walls and other infrastructure enabling them to combat the tides.

"The consequences are horrible", Jonathan Bamber, a glaciologist at the University of Bristol and a co-author of the study published Jan. 6 in the journal Nature Climate Change, told NBC News.

Explaining about the reasons behind such happenings, experts said that occurring changes in ocean and atmospheric temperature, along with external forces like warmer temperatures etc can majorly aggravate the melting of the ice, which they fear can further trigger the issue of rising sea levels.

To clarify which, Mr. Bamber and his colleague Mr. Willy Aspinall have suggested holding a scientific polling technique like the one predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which until now has not been applied to climate science.

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