Leaders are Born, Not Made: Study

Leaders are Born, Not Made: Study

Leaders are born and not made, concluded a research taken out by a group of researchers from the University College London.

The researchers said that it is in the genes of people that they become such great leaders. In order to reach at the above given result, the researchers said they have assessed DNA samples of 4,000 people.

After assessing the samples, the study researchers said they have found a genotype known as rs4950. This is the gene, which they can say is associated with leadership. People having this gene were 25% more likely to have a supervisory role at their workplace.

"We have identified a genotype, called rs4950, which appears to be associated with the passing of leadership ability down through generations", said lead researcher Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve.

The study, published in the journal Leadership Quarterly, has suggested that there are chances that companies will be carrying out a gene test to have leaders for their companies.

Neve said they have also assessed two US health studies, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and the Framingham Heart Study. Both the studies helped them reach at a conclusion.

It is now thought that great leaders like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Sir Winston Churchill must be having the gene.

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