Meat Burgers Show Traces of Horse DNA

Meat Burgers Show Traces of Horse DNA

A total of 10 burgers of all the burgers that were on sales in Ireland and the UK stores had been found to have horse DNA traces. It is being said by a spokesperson from a factory that the horse DNA hasprobably come from a minor ingredient put in the burgers.

It has been told that the traces are of low levels, but one registered burger showed DNA content up to 29% linked to beef content. The traces of horse DNA were found by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). Pig DNA has also been found in some.

The suspected products were produced in two plants, as per the findings, which include Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods in Ireland and Dalepak Hambleton in the UK.

It is being said that investigations are going on and these would be focusing on suppliers to the factories. Majorly, the concerns are raised because of one product that showed maximum DNA and caused to think if major ingredients were impure.

"Silvercrest has never purchased or traded in equine product and has launched a full-scale investigation into two continental European third-party suppliers who are the suspected source of the product in question", Silvercrest said.

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