Ban on Planned Parenthood Services May Prove Taxing For Women

Ban on Planned Parenthood Services May Prove Taxing For Women

Planned Parenthood is organizing Women's Health Program, but the program services cannot be taken up by women who live in places, which have banned clinics. One such clinic which has been banned by the government is in Tyler.

A spokeswoman representing Planned Parenthood said that they are quite concerned about women and especially the ones who belong to poor areas. The ban will not let these women undergo wellness checkups.

"Our fear is that women are postponing lifesaving cancer screenings and other care because of what they're hearing in the news about the Texas Women's Health Program", said Danielle Wells, who is positioned as spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood in Greater Texas.

She continued by saying that there are more than 25% women in Texas that do not have insurance. Value of this statement gets increased even more when it was found that Texas is one of the places which witness the highest cervical cancer rate in the entire US.

For now, it is known that how much traffic has reduced in Planned Parenthood clinics since the ban has got active. But, it will soon be known and they have been working to come up with ways which will assure continuous provision of services.

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