Bank Account’s Statements Disclosed Adele’s Income

Bank Account’s Statements Disclosed Adele’s Income

The statements of the bank account of Adele's company, the Melted Stone Ltd., revels her daily earnings to be a huge amount of £41,000. The statements gave a clear idea of an amount of £10.3million in her bank account. She also has an amount of £4.6million due in royalties.

Adele has bought a new pad in Noting Hill, west London for her mother Penny Adkins. This is said to be a gift by Adele for thanking her for bringing her up as a single mother.

Adele considers her second album `Twenty One' to be the reason behind her success. The album is a hit with a record of 25million copies sold globally.

The singer, who is going to perform in Oscars stated about her nervousness to perform after she returned from a break taken by her, for the birth of her first child. She is going to sing her song named `Sky fall' from the movie James Bond.

She spent £47,000 a month for renting Sir Paul McCartney's old Los Angeles home for herself, while she rehearses for the Oscars.

Sources said because of her being nervous, she had decided to not to stay in a hotel to avoid crowd. It is said that she has been practicing her song with her orchestra to overcome her nervousness.

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