Beef Product Reports Horsemeat, Calls for Beef Products Testing

Beef Product Reports Horsemeat, Calls for Beef Products Testing

Beef lasagna was recently found to have reported horsemeat. Therefore, testing of all beef products have been ordered by the UK food safety officials.

The report finds that the discovery of meat has been made only weeks following the discovery of horse and pig DNA in burgers. This is why experts are shocked and are now more concerned.

UK firm Findus sold beef lasagna, which has come out to have some 60% to 100% horsemeat in it during testing. The tests had been conducted by the food inspectors in the United Kingdom. Ireland inspectors were also a part of the investigation.

Following the incidence, Findus has affirmed that lasagna, spelled as "lasagna" in British, has been withdrawn by it from all stores. The firm has also announced an interim withdrawal of three ready-prepared dishes viz. shepherd's pie, lasagna Bolognese and moussaka.

The move has been taken as a precautionary measure since the company's French supplier, Comigel, had raised concerns that the type of meat used was suspicious. However, people can still eat the three particular products mentioned above. These possess no health risk, said the firm.

It has been found that the uproar about the doubtful processed meat has consequences on an international ground, reaching companies in Poland, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland.

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