Long-Lasting Solar Flare on Earth

Long-Lasting Solar Flare on Earth

A solar flare for a longer duration than usual made scientists and astronauts worry for some time. However, scientists have denied the rumors about threat to earth.

Due to the sun entering active period, solar flares have been reported in last few months. A solar flare at speeds of 1.87 million miles was directed to earth for a longer time on Saturday morning. The phenomenon is known as Coronal Mass Ejections and the charged particles produced due to the phenomenon reach earth within one to three days.

Geomagnetic storms caused by the phenomenon interact with earth's magnetic field. According to scientists at NASA, CMEs may cause auroras near the poles but do not disrupt electrical systems on earth, neither they interfere with GPS or satellite-based communications systems.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has described it a huge blob at 500mi/sec and said not to worry from the good aurora.

As the sun is moving into a state of frenzied activity that is known to happen once in 11 years or so, more outburst are expected.

"The last big burst of activity we got was in 2003", said James McAteer, solar researcher and assistant professor at NMSU.

Cell phone devices and services come under risk because of solar storms as satellites can be damaged by charged particles of a CME.

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