Will PSA Decision Tools Help Men Get Tested?

Will PSA Decision Tools Help Men Get Tested?

A recent research has talked about how despite allowing men to use decision-making tools about prostate cancer screening, there was not much impact on how many men actually turned up for testing. It has been claimed that men's own values are really important before making them go through the screening test, as per Dr. Michael Pignone, who worked on a new study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

For the research, the team tracked down three possible decision aids on 911 US and Australian men so that it can be seen what all pros and cons they can have through prostate cancer screening.

Though some 75% decided to get screened, men choose no-screening option when it comes to PSA versus non-PSA. It seems men don't link positivity with PSA labels.

"It's critical to determine how best to help men make these difficult decisions, especially when they're weighing different factors", said Dr. Craig Pollack, who has been keeping a close track on attitudes developed by doctors towards prostate cancer screening at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was last year told by the government-backed US Preventive Services Task Force that there are no benefits attached with prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests for men with normal skin. Though they recommended screening, considering men themselves want to get tested.

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