Campaign Warns Against Smoking around Children in Play Areas

Campaign Warns Against Smoking around Children in Play Areas

Recent news confirmed that there are signs being put up across playgrounds in Knutsford area in order to make one and all aware about potential harming consequences of smoking in front of children. Under the Play Smokefree code, some 170 play areas would be covered with the signs.

It has been developed by heart health charity Heart of Mersey, with the collaborative support from Cheshire East Council, Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust and the Cheshire and Merseyside Tobacco Alliance.

In a survey on Cheshire East residents, it was revealed that some 97.5% agreed for a voluntary code of prohibiting smoking in playgrounds.

“We’re committed to the role our parks play in helping residents live active, healthy lifestyles and this voluntary scheme empowers our local communities themselves to change their smoking behavior”, said Clr Janet Clowes. It is to be noted that three out of four children are informed of cigarettes before they turn five.

It has to be understood that children emulate adults’ behavior and in case children find them smoking every now and then, they will tend to be inclined towards trying it out some day. It is strongly believed that ramping up moves in the direction of discouraging smoking around children would be able to reduce smoking among young people.

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