Department of Health Announces a New Boost in Dental Healthcare

Department of Health Announces a New Boost in Dental Healthcare

The recent announcements coming from the Department of Health are talking about a new boost in the dental healthcare, which officials believe, will prove good for many more patients.

The news of the £30m boost coincided with Valentine's Day. Officials from the department said that the money will allow more patients to get them registered with a dentist and get their oral health checked.

It is the second continuous year that the government has announced for funding into the dental health.

Lord Howe, Health Minister, said: "Since May 2010 more than a million new patients are seeing an NHS dentist. We want to make sure that this progress continues and that dentists give the highest standards of care as well as treating more patients."

The new boost forms a part of the dental pilot program, which the department said stands as an important issue for the state's government.

Oral health experts advise people to maintain healthy lifestyle by getting their stained teeth, unhealthy gums and bad breath treated immediately from a professional. Moreover, dental surgeries have also started to apply to the local NHS to access the extra funds, which will allow the facilities to serve more new patients.

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