Biologists Discover New Species of Sharks

Biologists Discover New Species of Sharks

Local recreational fisherman Steve Downs has found two new rare species of sharks in Australia. The news was released by Shark biologist Ryan Kempster.

The researcher from the Oceans Institute of the University of Western Australia said that these species had been caught off two years back at Rottnest Island. The fisherman found these some 430 metres down in the water.

For two years, a thorough investigation has been conducted into the discovery. The investigation involved DNA sequencing of the species. Following the same, the two species have been identified as mandarin dogfish (Cirrhigaleus barbifer).

Kempster avowed that these species have not been seen in the country ever before. But, the discovery now would help them in comprehending the species in a much better way. The study has been published in the journal Marine Biodiversity Records.

It has been told that the mystery sharks under a metre long were male. Also, one was female, some 1.2 metres long. The female shark, according to Kempster, had 22 unborn pups. She was the second pregnant female specimen of this species ever.

"This species was known to be found only between Indonesia and Japan, and also New Zealand. It's not known why the sharks were found so far from their normal habitat", affirmed Kempster.

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