Google Denies Rumors of Its Strained Relationship with Samsung

Google Denies Rumors of Its Strained Relationship with Samsung

As per recent news, Google CFO Patrick Pichette has denied all the rumors that mentioned that Google has strained relationships with Samsung. The statement by Pichette came after leading newspapers carried headlines about tensions between Google and Samsung.

He called such news as a tool used by journalists to create bigger headlines and sell their newspapers. He spoke at a Morgan Stanley investment conference, where he claimed that Google shared wonderful relation with Samsung Inc.

They have been very successful in using Android platform and benefitted like rest of the firms, he added. He also said that he welcomed all the partners that used Android platform and asked them to continue with innovation.

He also affirmed that the giant was aimed at providing benefits to as much as number of partners as possible in using the open source. In addition, he talked of the benefits Google and Samsung have earned from Chromebook.

"The Chromebook is a runaway success; it's a runaway success for Google, it's a runaway success for Samsung. And so, what is not to like about these types of environments", he added.

Speaking over Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Pichette confirmed that the deal will take time to finalize as of now, though he stated that they had great plans coming up for it.

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