Sharks Heading Towards Extinction

Sharks Heading Towards Extinction

According to recent reports, shark population is decreasing at a rapid rate as researchers found that one in 15 sharks get killed every year.

Boris Worm, a Professor of biology at Canada's Dalhousie University and the study author, said the analysis asserted that around 100 million fishes are killed every year and the shark population is unable to cover the losses. The number is so big that between 6.4% and 7.9% sharks on Earth disappear every year, reported The Guardian.

The information will be presented as part of The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species by the researchers in Bangkok on Monday. In the convention, discussions will be made on protection measures that need to be taken for protection of sharks.

It was found that with increasing demand of their fin, they are getting more vulnerable to threat of extinction. The shark species that are at comparatively higher threat of extinction are porbeagles, oceanic whitetip and three kinds of hammerhead. These are expected to get extinct within next few decades if something is not done soon.

"Protective measures must be scaled up significantly in order to avoid further depletion and the possible extinction of many sharks' species in our lifetime", stated Worm as he expressed concern over sharks unable to meet the rate of exploitation and demand biologically.

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