Astronomers Discover New Stars

Astronomers Discover New Stars

It is being claimed by a team of astronomers from the Herschel Observatory that they have found some youngest stars for the first time ever in the universe.

Coordinated by the European Space Agency and NASA, the observatory has captured images of these stars. The report found that the study is part of an international mission, which asked for coordination amongst a number of astronomers across the world.

It is being said that evidence for 15 new protostars has been found. The same provided astronomers with a glance of the universe's earliest formations.

Data was collected on the stars, following which the team is of the view that the youngest stars were in an early phase of development. Also, the stars spent upwards of 25,000 years.

The stars probably were formed during the immediate cooling period course after the Big Bang. The team said that these are a consequence of the gravitational collapse of huge clouds of gas and dust.

"Herschel has revealed the largest ensemble of such young stars in a single star-forming region. We are getting closer to witnessing the moment when a star begins to form", said lead author Amelia Stutz from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany.

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