Meningitis Outbreak Concerns Health Experts

Meningitis Outbreak Concerns Health Experts

A total of 22 New Yorkers have got sickened amid an epidemic of meningnitis, a report has unveiled recently. The outbreak also has killed seven people in the city, thereby, concerning the health experts.

Bacterial meningitis is the brain's membranous lining or meninges' infection. The symptoms may initially include headache, vomiting, fever, a rash or stiff neck within 10 days of the infection. However, these could lead to severe brain damage or fatal consequences if not treated timely.

The health officials have now started urging men to receive vaccination against the condition. Dr. Thomas Farley, City health commissioner, said that the best defense was the vaccination only. He has, therefore, been asking men that they should not let it be late and should get the inoculation even if they are identified as gay.

Since, the disease could spread with prolonged a close contact with an infected person's nose or throat discharges. Therefore, the public's awareness is being suggested at an increased level along with encouragement for vaccine.

"While vaccination can help prevent new infections, people that have been in prolonged close contact with infected people need to see their health-care provider immediately to receive preventive antibiotics", avowed the health department in a September 2012 statement.

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