Gay Marriage Logo Goes Viral on Social Media Sites

Gay Marriage Logo Goes Viral on Social Media Sites

Gay marriage has been under controversy from a very long time but a straightforward perspective of individuals across the globe has been witnessed lately. The red logo has gone viral on the internet and has been advocated by many celebrities as well.

There has been humungous support ranging from Beyonce to George Takei. Along with millions of social media users, these celebrities have been posting and tweaking a simple red logo in support of gay marriage.

As US Supreme Court has taken up the case and has been arguing on the issue, the Human Rights Campaignresponded by offering an image. This looks like a square box with thick pink horizontal lines.

This image has taken their place of profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and many other places. Usually a blue background with bright yellow lines is used but Human Rights Campaign has replaced it with red; the color of love.

One of the proponents of gay marriage said, "There's a lot of serious conversation going on and there's an awful lot of important concepts that the Supreme Court justices are discussing. What this logo going viral means is individuals have reduced it to a very straightforward concept".

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