NASA Wants to Catch Asteroids and Bring them to Moon

NASA Wants to Catch Asteroids and Bring them to Moon

NASA is now planning a very difficult mission in which it plans to catch an asteroid in a giant draw-string bag and then bring it to the Moon, which will allow humans to explore the extraterrestrial object.

NASA in its report has mentioned that it will ask for $100 million to the Federal Government in the next budget in order to start working on this project.

This mission was first suggested by scientists working at the California Institute of Technology. In this mission, the scientists will collect a 500 ton asteroid from the orbit by using an unmanned aerial vehicle and will then bring it to the Moon, where it can be analyzed by humans.

This mission will cost $2.65 billion and will continue for 10 years. It was also reported that this mission has got a nod from the Obama government and the government is also planning to send astronauts to near-Earth Asteroids by the year 2025.

'The idea of exploiting the natural resources of asteroids dates back over a hundred years, but only now has the technology become available to make this idea a reality,' the report says.

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