Biggest Trial in France for Breast Implant

Biggest Trial in France for Breast Implant

Biggest fraud cases would be discussed at a France court where five managers from company PIP have been accused of selling faulty breast implants.

Approximately 800,000 euros have been spent in the trial. This can be termed as the greatest trial of this kind. Almost 5,000 women have registered the case and has charged PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas with motivated fraud for using industrial-grade silicone in implants. Hundreds of the victims, as well as some 300 lawyers will attend this trial.

Almost 300,000 women in 65 countries have made use of the implants, which have twice the probability of cracking in comparison to others. Figures show that 4,000 women have complained of breaks in the implants. The shocking statistics of France say that 15,000 women had to replace their PIP implants.

Joelle Manighetti, a 56-year-old breast cancer survivor who received a PIP implant said, "Even if not all the women have significant physical or psychological after-effects, they have all been marked for life".

This case reached attention in 2011 when it surged fears all across the globe. Health officials in various countries then explained that the products were not toxic and did not augment the risk of breast cancer.

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