No Response to Court’s Orders Related to Awa Tribe

No Response to Court’s Orders Related to Awa Tribe

Indigenous rights group Survival International has brought the issue of the world's most endangered tribes, Awa.

This tribe forms part of a small population in Brazil. They are approximately 450 in number. Their rarity and uniqueness has grabbed the attention of loggers and settlers. New updates of Awa that lives in north eastern Brazil has made it fall under the category of the world's endangered species.

Campaigners believe that Brazilian Government has failed to provide protection to this tribe. This tribe has come across hunter-gatherers in remote areas of rainforest. It has been seen that 30% of the forest cover of 120,000 hectares land has been destroyed because of illegal loggers. Reports of logging trucks have also been making rounds in news for Brazilian government.

A judge ordered all outsiders must leave the area within 12 months. The period has passed but there have been no evictions. A judge, Jirair Aram Meguerian, had ordered that by March-end of this year, all the loggers, ranchers and other settlers who have come into the area must leave the region.

One of the campaigners said, "We're very worried, more and more, that the Awa are going to find less food in the forest and become dependent on government handouts in the end".

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