Canadian Diabetes Association Inspires Patient to Spread Diabetes Awareness

Canadian Diabetes Association Inspires Patient to Spread Diabetes Awareness

In a recent report, it has been uncovered that Canadian Diabetes Association has inspired people to come up and spread information about diabetes in the community, thereby helping sufferers, directly or indirectly.

It has been found that a patient of the disease did not know anything much about it. But, attending a camp funded by the association in Huntsville, ON, the patient could learn something related to the condition.

The patient even decided to represent Team Diabetes Canada nine years ago at the 2006 Honolulu Marathon. He then himself came to know more about diabetes. Treatment of the condition was also known over time by him.

In the opinion of the patient, it was rewarding to represent the ones who lived with the devastating condition. He was thankful that he could give voice to all those suffering from diabetes in Windsor and Essex County.

The department of psychiatry’s Dr. Norbert Schmitz at McGill University said that diabetes is somehow linked with depression. Medical literature and research suggested that depression caused diabetes and diabetes might cause depression.

"In several community-based studies, we are looking in more detail at those associations between diabetes and depression to get a better understanding about the relationship”, Schmitz was cited as affirming.

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