Study of Antimatter at LHC

Study of Antimatter at LHC

Large Hadron Collider has triggered the study of understanding the reasons behind the constituents of universe. It has created the desire among scientists to understand why it is made of matter rather than antimatter.

It has been a maiden tryst with the decays of particles known as Bs mesons that culminate into matter, rather than antimatter. Still the observed material is not substantial to prove the findings.

A study that has been submitted to Physical Review Letters says every constituent of particles that the scientists have found has an antimatter cousin. It is akin to the antimatter but possesses opposite charge.

Present theory states the universe has equal amounts of matter and antimatter but whatever point they meet, they eventually collapse. According to the scientists, there has to be something in the universe that must have led to the dominance of matter.

Explaining the inferences, Chris Parkes of the University of Manchester, spokesperson for the UK contingent of the LHCb collaboration said, "If one decays more often to this final state... than the other one, then it shows a fundamental difference between matter and antimatter".

According to him, there are flaws in the present theory, the Standard Model. Researchers are working to find the reason behind the same.

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