Possibility of Existence of Lost Continent in History

Possibility of Existence of Lost Continent in History

As per a new study done by researchers of Brazilian and Japanese origin, formation of granite deep under the Brazilian off coast could be a piece of the original continent that is said to be existent before the formation of major land masses including America, Africa and Europe. The researchers used a Japanese submarine for their study.

In their expedition for a month, the researchers found minerals like iron, manganese and cobalt in Rio Grande Elevation, a rise on the ocean floor about 1,500 km (932 miles) southeast of Rio de Janeiro, thus differentiating it from rest of the seabed.

They believe the formation of the granite must be part of the lost continent, which was claimed by geologists that existed before the major continent of today before they glided apart.

Roberto Ventura, one of the members of the team of researchers and is also a director at the Brazilian Geological Service, said hypothesis of the research is still to be tested by taking this research to next level, but this lost piece in history can help in understanding the formation of Earth and the evolution of earth's crust.

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