Food in Space through 3D Printing!

Food in Space through 3D Printing!

The chances of successfully using a "3D printer" on deep space missions are being detected by NASA and a Texas company. The concept of "3D printer" will be used in such a way that the letter "D" will be used as a term for dining.

NASA has assigned the project of analyzing the likelihood of application of additive manufacturing to a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract to Systems and Materials Research Consultancy of Austin, Texas.

In layman language, the technique is referred as 3D printing. It will be utilized to produce food in space. A study will be initiated by the Systems and Materials Research Consultancy for preparing food for space missions that will be lasting for longer durations. It is being suggested that the proposal suggested by Phase I SBIR are very early concepts and may suffer uncertainty of maturing into actual systems.

Such a food printing technology might be resulting into phase II study. It will be taking many years for being analyzed on actual space flights.

As more advance researches are being conducted by NASA such as redirecting the position of an asteroid in space, sending astronauts in Mars, etc. the agency will have to assure the availability of food to meet the requirements of safety, acceptability, variety, and nutritional stability on the long time span missions to moon.

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