New Robot Relies on Household Activities to Assist Folks

New Robot Relies on Household Activities to Assist Folks

As per reports, a new robot has been developed by scientists, which is capable of performing daily household tasks to help people. It employs Microsoft Kinect as a sensor.

The team of scientists at the Cornell University learns from the movements of the people and makes the comparison of the same with videos in its database. Its database is loaded with the knowledge of about 120 common household tasks.

These tasks include simple things ranging from brushing teeth to placing food in the microwave. The basis of working of this robot is predictive ability, said Ashutosh Saxena, a Computer Scientist, who was among the team that developed the robot.

It is an extraordinary robot that works by picking up the information from live algorithm. Experts said that it is interesting to watch the robot at work by analyzing and performing the tasks.

"The future would be to figure out how the robot plans its action. Right now we are almost hard-coding the responses", said Saxena. He suggested that there should be a way for robots to learn how to respond to the situation.

Saxena said although humans are predictable, but it happens only for certain number of times. He is expected to discuss the new research next month at the robotics conferences in the US and Germany.

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