Entrepreneurs would benefit from Obamacare

Entrepreneurs would benefit from Obamacare

A novel study has shed light on the fact that the Affordable Care Act is positive for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The law states that as it guarantees that individuals can procure comprehensive and affordable insurance plans, the would-be businessmen can leave their jobs without any fear of being uninsured. It has been estimated if the law is initiated in near future, there is a possibility that about 1.5 million more people will be entrepreneurs.

One of the authors of the study, Linda Blumberg, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute has said that the care aids in making a decision that would have been difficult to take without a law like this.

The paper observed two studies. One of the studies was about the people who've been insured and another study carried facts about the ones who're not. Then the authors of the present study compared the two. The research speaks in the same rhythm as that of small-business leaders in Massachusetts, which enacted its own health care law years ago.

Sharing her thoughts on study, Laura Fitton, who founded the social-media company Oneforty, said, "People can't live on just a vision; they need health insurance". It seems that the entrepreneurs will take advantage of the care.

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