Massive Rise in Jellyfish Population in Mediterranean Witnessed

Massive Rise in Jellyfish Population in Mediterranean Witnessed

A massive rise in the population of jellyfish has been witnessed in Mediterranean. A number of concerns have been put forth by scientists involved in the matter.

They were of the view that the surge is not an indication that biodiversity is in danger. But the rise also affects the summer tourists. Stefano Piraino from Salento University, Italy, has been working on a project whose main aim is to track the population of jellyfish.

It's been four years now that project has been in continuation mode. Since that time, they have been witnessing a rise in population of jellyfish. Rise in population of jellyfish is not the problem for Mediterranean coastline alone.

There are a number of coastal areas, which have been witnessing the same problem. "There are now beaches on the island of Lampedusa, which receives 300,000 tourists a year, where people can only swim for a week in the summer", said Piraino.

Some of the coastal lines that have been witnessing a massive rise in jelly fish are Sardinia, Sicily, the eastern Mediterranean beaches in Lebanon and Israel.

Piraino said that of things persisted in the same manner then tourist population will certainly decline. As many as 150,000 people have been treated for jellyfish stings across the Mediterranean.

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