Evolutionary Tendency Associated with Children’s Names

Evolutionary Tendency Associated with Children’s Names

According to a research, it has been revealed that parents keep their babies name by getting influenced by evolutionary tendency.

Study researchers from Queen Mary, University of London have explained that parents keep baby boys' names as such that they sound large. On the other hand, baby girls' names are smaller so that they sound smaller.

Dr Benjamin Pitcher from Queen Mary's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences has come to know another startling revelation. He was of the view that parents keep their children's name by thinking that it will help their children in providing them success.

"In general, western societies tend to think of relatively taller men as more masculine and more successful with the opposite sex whereas shorter, slimmer women are perceived as having attractive feminine qualities", said Pitcher.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers have examined the names of 50 boys and girls from three different countries, England, the USA and Australia. Main aim of the study was to see the association of boys name with large vowels and small vowels association with girls' names.

After assessing the same, it has been revealed that large vowel characters were associated with boys' names and small vowels were associated with girls' names.

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