Astronauts on ISS Conduct Study to Find Cure for Vision Problems

Astronauts on ISS Conduct Study to Find Cure for Vision Problems

Observing that vision problems have become a serious issue over time, making a place for themselves in the top health problems, astronauts on the International Space Station have started a four-year study this week.

It has been found that the troubling vision problem had come out to be known by crew members in 2005. Fliers chosen for forthcoming deep-space missions often face the problem amongst other illnesses.

Thus, symptoms of impaired vision have been developed by a total of nineteen ISS astronauts. Remote medicine specialist, Dr. Christian Otto, from Universities Space Research Association, said that a link between the lower torso to chest and head-shift of fluid in fliers and the blurred vision would be looked for.

The shift is seen when they adjust to weightlessness. It is being said that the same now, supposedly, affects the central nervous and cardiovascular systems as well as the eyes.

The team said the longer a person was in flight, the higher the risk he had of worsening the problem he got.

"We are very excited to get a better understanding of what is happening in spaceflight to the cardiovascular, central nervous systems and the eyes so we can develop countermeasures", said Otto.

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