Facial Treatment Gives New Life to Norris

Facial Treatment Gives New Life to Norris

A gun-shattered-face had led him never to leave his home without covering his face for a period of past 15 years. But, a facial transplant has proved to be life-changing for Richard Norris, a report has uncovered recently.

The man based in rural southwest Virginia has gone through cruelty shown by strangers over all these years. He has even faced addiction and had thought of suicide.

It was in 1997 when an accident occurred at his home, leaving him with no teeth or nose and just a part of the tongue. However, he could taste things, but he had lost his ability to smell them. A hat and mask were carried by him even during night.

Last year, after receiving the facial surgery, the man, at 38, has been able to re-begin his life. Online classes are being taken by him so that he could gain a degree in information systems. Besides, he has been considering a foundation so that future transplant everyday expenses of patients could be paid during their treatment.

Norris is engaged in work with a photojournalist also, who has written a book dubbed "The Two Faces of Richard" describing his journey.

"Those 10 years of hell I lived through, it has given me such a wealth of knowledge. It's unreal. It has put some of the best people in my life", said Norris.

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