The Cloud Effect on Alien land

The Cloud Effect on Alien land

A group of scientists from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University has developed a three-dimensional model of the manner in which the clouds affect temperatures of alien world.

According to researchers, in order to have a habitable zone, the planet needs to be present at right distance from its star. This is significant considering the fact that the liquid water is an important ingredient for life to survive. If the planet is quite close to the star, this liquid can get converted into vapor form. If the distance is too much, water can change into ice.

Since the time scientists merged their brains with exoplanets and studied them, they have studied their distance from the star. This time, astronomers at the University of Chicago have tracked the cloud patterns that can affect the temperature of a planet. They have used a 3-D climate model to understand the phenomenon.

The published study in Astrophysical Journal Letters states that the researchers have studied 60 billion exoplanets in the habitable zones. They also studied the planets that orbit red dwarf stars. It has been explained in the research, "But a planet with a weather pattern like this will be colder on the day side than on the night side. If you see that reversal, we were right".

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